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Spring 2019 Events

Date Talk Location
Apr. 5 @8:00am The 1st Yale Workshop on AI, Ethics, and Society by multiple presenters Yale on York
Apr. 9 @4:00pm Self-Supervised Natural Language Processing by William Wang AKW 200
Feb. 5 @10:30am Visual Question Answering and Beyond by Aishwarya Agrawal AKW 200
Feb. 28 @10:30am Neural Information Retrieval without Labeled Data by Hamed Zamani AKW 200

Spring 2018 Events

Date Talk Location
Mar. 25 @4:00pm Reasoning-Driven Question Answering by Daniel Khashabi 17 Hillhouse Rm. 335
Apr. 27 @4:00pm Universal Information Extraction by Heng Ji AKW 200
Apr. 20 @3:00pm Robots that Learn Grounded Language Through Interactive Dialog by Raymond Mooney AKW 200
Apr. 20 @9:15pm Machine Translation: The State of the Art and Science by Philipp Koehn, Raymond Mooney, and Dragomir Radev 17 Hillhouse
Apr. 16 Linguistics ∩ Machine Learning by Ryan Cotterell AKW 200
Mar. 2 Neural Information Retrieval with Weak Supervision by Hamed Zamani AKW 200
Feb. 26 Knowledge from Deep Understanding of Language by Danqi Chen AKW 200

Fall 2017 Events

Date Talk Location
Oct. 20 The Data Science Workshop on Computational Social Science Luce hall

Spring 2017 Events

Date Talk Location
Apr. 19 @12:00pm YINS Seminar by Daniel Spielman 3rd floor at 17 Hillhouse
Apr. 12 @11:00am YINS Seminar by Dragomir Radev 3rd floor at 17 Hillhouse
Apr. 3 @4:00 pm CS Talk by Mark Dredze AKW 200
Mar. 6 @4:15 pm CS Talk by Mirella Lapata AKW 200
Feb. 17 @10:30 am CS Talk by Peter Stone AKW 200